Monthly Archives: June 2015

This Week’s Rental Car Adventures: Cal Shakes and Sunset Celebration Weekend


It’s been awhile since we’ve rented a car for the weekend, because we’ve been too busy what with the end of the school year and all to plan any day trips. But this weekend we’ll be driving all over the place!

I’m about to bike to the Oakland Airport for a car in an hour. Tonight, I’ll drive Nutmeg and myself to Orinda for our first show at the California Shakespeare Theater. It’s Twelveth Night, which is particularly great because Nutmeg and I saw a different production of the same play last summer at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I hope it will be a neat experience for her to see how differently two directors and casts can present a Shakespeare play. She’s signed up for a two-week camp with Cal Shakes this summer, and tickets to four shows come along with the deal. Not only will we see the show, we’ll also get a backstage tour and participate in a potluck dinner. We are psyched! Continue reading