Monthly Archives: January 2016

Diving Back Into Airline Miles

Years ago, I was a miles junkie.

This was pre-kids. After reading about the pudding guy, I decided to accumulate enough miles for the hubs and I to travel to Australia via Hong Kong, in Business Class. I got most of my miles by clipping coupons off the backs of cereal boxes and by using my Citi AAdvantage credit card for almost every purchase we made.

Then we had a baby, used up our miles stash on bringing the baby home to visit the Midwest, and didn’t have time to think about miles anymore. Life lesson: Take the trip of your dreams before you get pregnant, dummy.

That all changed this year. First, when we took a family trip to Europe this summer, everyone loved it, and the kids are already asking when we’ll go on another international trip. But that trip was extravagantly expensive, not something we can repeat anytime soon, or maybe ever.

Second, a cousin started getting into the miles game, and even attended a conference to learn how to amass more miles. I was amazed to read in her recent trip report the luxurious travel conditions she’d been able to achieve through miles — mostly through sign-up bonuses on credit cards.

I was inspired. But it took more than inspiration to truly push me off the cliff into miles frenzy. It took an event: A big announcement.

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